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Atheist Bus Campaign – The Sequel

18/11/2009 Leave a comment

Today, the British Humanist Association launches a series of billboard adverts against the labelling of children after their parents’ beliefs – and thereby focussing on faith schools. It looks like this issue won’t go away. From the BHA press release:

Andrew Copson, BHA director of Education, said, “The labelling of children becomes even worse when it is implemented as a matter of public policy. One of the issues we hope to highlight with these adverts is the continuing and increasing segregation of children according to parental religion in state-funded “faith schools.” Social cohesion and preparation for life in a diverse society is best achieved in inclusive community schools, where children from different backgrounds learn with and from each other without being divided by labels that they are not old enough to have chosen for themselves.

You can see the posters here.

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