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And it still goes on…

This article in the Telegraph shows that faith-based schools admissions rules are still an ongoing problem for many parents – in fact it seems to be getting worse.

The article seems to take a biased view agaist non-believing churchgoers, describing them as “breaking the rules”. However, I don’t think we are breaking the rules – at least not the letter of them. The admissions procedure asks for proof of attendance and, whilst this may be an indicator of faith, it is by no means a guarantee of it.

Finally, as Andrew Penman says in the article:

“I didn’t choose the selection criteria that meant that half the places were reserved for churchgoers,” says Penman, author of School Daze: My Search for a Decent State Secondary School (published by Mogzilla). “In effect, it is discriminating against local families who do not follow this particular brand of religion.”


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    • 12/09/2016 at 12:28 pm

      Sorry, only just seen your message. I haven’t updated my blog for ages.

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