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It Paid Off

The notification email was recieved last week. Child One has got into our preferred (faith) school. The email and subsequent letter was just a simple offer: no confirmation that it was the Vicar’s letter than swung it.

We now need to decide if we continue to attend church or whether we play the “sibling card” for our other child.

  1. God
    27/06/2012 at 10:21 pm

    Well done, Yes well done indeed. You attended church for the required amount of time, got your letter signed and got your child into a faith school..

    A general misconception with faith school criteria and church attendance is that one has to believe in God with no exception in order to attend church and send their children to a faith school. WRONG!! Faith is very subjective and impossible to quantify. Faith starts from doubt and enquiry. And even bishops have doubts. Faith schools never state that believing in God is the selection criteria, Attendance at the local church is. Even if you are a disciple of Dawkins and an Atheist, the fact that you are willing to subject your children into a schooling system with a Christian ethos and are willing to attend for two years gets you the place. There is nothing wrong with what you have done technically. You have done every thing by the book, your children will receive a good education, probably learning a lot more about all faiths not just Christianity and turning out less ignorant than you. The church laid the foundation in this country for education and so has always had a strong link to schools.

    People in this country have the freedom to send their children to a private, single sex, state or gramma school, so why not faith? The Middle classes have always had an economic advantage in certain catchment areas and poorer areas have benefited from a Faith school nearby.

    One last thing. Jesus hung out with tax collectors, prostitutes, theives, hypocrites, beggers, rich people and the lame . He would of welcomed you also with open arms regardless of whether you believed in him or not.. Maybe next time you take a seat in church how about listen to what’s being said rather than secretly congratulating yourself that you are just there for the school place.

  2. Anna
    07/02/2013 at 12:19 am

    I have read your blog with interest as faced with the same dilemma at the moment. Did you carry on going to Church to keep up the pretences after your child had been admitted or did you stop? Can there be any negative consequences to stopping?

    • 04/03/2013 at 2:27 pm

      Hi Anna

      We did carry on attending for a short while, but the tedium and nonsense got too much. We probably haven’t been for about 6 months now.

      There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of a negative for the child already in school. There doesn’t seem to be any way we could be “found out” and have our child’s place “revoked”.

      On the other hand, we have another child to get into the school in a few years. Not attending may set us back here, but there is also the “sibling” rule: children whose siblings are already attending are prioritised over non-faith children (or children whose parents do not have a faith as I should say). That’s what we are relying on at the moment. Really can’t face going back to church!

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