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The Beginning of the End

03/10/2011 Leave a comment

First post in a while. Just been plugging away, turning up at church every other week. Smiling and being nice to the Vicar to make sure he knows who we are.

But now the end is in sight. This week I will be writing a little note explaining all our family’s involvement in and commitment to the Church. This will be submitted with our application for a school place. This should be enough to ensure we get a place before families who haven’t bothered going to church.  Which is the whole point.

Actually, the CofE process where we are seems to be fairly painless. I’ve heard anecdotal evidence from other places and other Churches (the Roman Catholics mainly)  of parents being interviewed by priests, details of additional activities and donations being looked for, etc, etc. I’d say we should count ourselves lucky – except that the system is so undeniably unfair and broken.