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About as far from my comfort zone as it is possible to get

I’m usually out of my comfort zone when attending church. I can cope: sing the hymns, mumble the nonsense, take communion. But a few weeks ago was different. The Vicar informed us that we would be having “discussion groups” instead of a sermon. We would be getting together in groups of half-a-dozen to discus “How being a Christian made a change to our daily lives”.

The horror. I was seriously tempted to leg-it out of the building, but managed to resist. This may have looked worse than the look on my face that I was trying to suppress. Maybe.  So I sat through the first half with a feeling of dread upon me.

At the appointed time, a well-meaning lady asked us to join her group. Could not really refuse.

So there we sat. Smiling and nodding for all we were worth with a group of believers discussing how their faith guided them in daily life. Were unable to contribute as “Err, it doesn’t ‘cos I don’t have one” would not have fitted the bill. Fortunately, like most discussion groups, there were a couple of people who dominated the proceedings so we were able to mouth a few things and no more.

I think I might have to avoid Church for a few weeks and take some soundings to see if they are going to do this every week! (Unfortunately, that would be a lot of “face-time” to miss when we need the letter signed in September.)

  1. Tim Atkinson
    26/07/2011 at 9:29 pm

    You really do have my sympathies; this sounds absolutely awful. I wasn’t sure initially when reading it whether to cringe with horror or roar with laughter. Either could be appropriate depending upon how you frame the scenario.

    For how many years do you expect to have to go through this torment in order to secure your child a place in the school you want her in? Nobody should have to go through this. Your tale – indeed your entire blog – conjures an appalling vision of the state of this nation.

    At least the ‘me-me-me’ types seem to have saved you from your time in the ‘Mastermind chair’ on this occasion. I felt myself sighing with relief on your behalf.


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