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About as far from my comfort zone as it is possible to get

17/05/2011 1 comment

I’m usually out of my comfort zone when attending church. I can cope: sing the hymns, mumble the nonsense, take communion. But a few weeks ago was different. The Vicar informed us that we would be having “discussion groups” instead of a sermon. We would be getting together in groups of half-a-dozen to discus “How being a Christian made a change to our daily lives”.

The horror. I was seriously tempted to leg-it out of the building, but managed to resist. This may have looked worse than the look on my face that I was trying to suppress. Maybe.  So I sat through the first half with a feeling of dread upon me.

At the appointed time, a well-meaning lady asked us to join her group. Could not really refuse.

So there we sat. Smiling and nodding for all we were worth with a group of believers discussing how their faith guided them in daily life. Were unable to contribute as “Err, it doesn’t ‘cos I don’t have one” would not have fitted the bill. Fortunately, like most discussion groups, there were a couple of people who dominated the proceedings so we were able to mouth a few things and no more.

I think I might have to avoid Church for a few weeks and take some soundings to see if they are going to do this every week! (Unfortunately, that would be a lot of “face-time” to miss when we need the letter signed in September.)