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Well it finally happened…

…Not a sudden conversion. Not the Stockholm Syndrome. No. I find myself in church, as a adult, singing Kum By Yah whilst various members of the audience bang tambourines. Truly horrible.

For some reason yesterday the normal service (CofE slow hymn singing and recitations) became all happy-clappy. This had better not continue. It’s bad enough attending church when it’s merely boring; when it makes you cringe it is just too much.

  1. Afellowsufferer
    10/02/2011 at 3:38 pm

    Have just stumbled upon this (via Platitudes of course – hurrah for Peter!). I am in a similar (though much more complicated, if you can believe it!) situation, and just thought I would add my hatred of happy-clappy songs, and indeed Kumbyah in particular, to yours.

    Good for you setting up this blog. Rest assured you are by no means alone…

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