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New Government, Same Old … Stuff

I expect things will become clearer over the next few months, but it looks like the new Coalition Government is set to oversee the creation of many more faith schools. The National Secular Society comments.

This doesn’t surprise me about the Conservatives as they have always promoted faith schools, but the Lib Dems had, before the election, a policy that would, if not reduce faith schools, enforce employment and admissions equality on them. Some religious vested interests got quite jumpy about this. Seems that this is not a priority when you are cutting coalition deals.

It will be interesting to see how many “free schools” and “new academies” are run by religious groups. At present this aspect of it seems absent from much of the news coverage. It may, as the NSS suggests, increase the number of faith schools much more dramatically than the last Government managed.

This now means that none of the main parties have a policy to reduce or restrict the unfair practices of such schools.

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