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The Joys of Not Going to Church

20/10/2009 Leave a comment

This  Sunday was the first week for a while we didn’t go to church. Why? The church we have chosen to go to has a children’s service most weeks. This is where the kids disappear for some dreadful indoctrination I daren’t think too much about – although occasionally they get sweets. The up-side is that we parents can “enjoy” a bit of time without them squirming and being noisy during the service.  As the youngest child is particularly prone of giving her opinions (e.g. “this is boring”, “I wan’t to go home”, etc) we decided not to go.

Oh, the joy of it! No rushing to get out of the house. Children’s homework was done on time.  School clothes were got ready. Lunch-boxes were prepared. And all by lunchtime!

Was this what it was like before we decided we needed to get our children into a Faith School?


What’s this all about?

09/10/2009 5 comments

I am a parent of two primary school aged children. I am also an atheist.

Where I live in the UK there are two state schools in our locality. The nearest one has the best “raw” academic results for the area; the other – slightly further than walking distance – some of the worst results and is regarded as a “sink” school by many parents. The former is a CofE school which selects on the basis of parents’ faith; the other takes whoever is left. The selection – and self selection by application – of pupils and the good results of the school are obviously not unconnected. (Although this is unlikely to stop the Church using such schools as part of its case for the continuation and expansion of faith-schools.)

As I am powerless to change the system as an individual, and unable to afford the fee paying alternatives, I will put my children’s best interests first. I have started attending church in order to get the all-important Vicar’s signature to ensure I get into the state school of my choice.

This blog details my frustration at having to sit through hours of nonsense in order to get there.